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Summer Riding in America | Summer Motorcycle Jackets

This article will help you find the best summer motorcycle jacket for your summer riding adventures. We have been taking full advantage of sun-drenched rides and dry roads.

Leather Or Textile Motorcycle Jackets?
Leather vs Textile: What’s better for motorcycle riding?   Are you overwhelmed by the different styles and designs of leather or textile motorcycle jackets? We don’t blame you.   From waxed cotton, textiles, leather to denim and everything in between, we want to clear...
Merla & European CE Certification

Merla Moto is proud to announce we have officially certified two of our womens motorcycle jackets, the Fly By Night Jacket and the Isla Jacket in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Protective Equipment Regulation (EU) 2016/425 (including as amended to apply in Great Britain). These two products have achieved a Class AAA Rating, which is classified as the highest level of protection against the highest level of risks.

The Latest in Motorcycle Protective Gear: RHEON™ Armour

Are you ready to revolutionise your ride with the latest in motorcycle protective gear? Merla Moto is the first in the market to adopt RHEON™ technology 

The Difference Between Nubuck and Leather

This blog breaks down the nuances between suede, traditional leather, and nubuck, and the differences 

Suzan Mutesi – Living Life Unapologetically
Recently Merla caught up with Suzan Mutesi, the creative multi-hyphenate who’s journey
International Female Ride Day 2021
Every year on the first weekend of May, women from over 120 countries worldwide celebrate International Female Ride Day, where female motorcyclists come together to ride, meet and share their mutual passion of the motorcycle industry.
Motorcycle Riding Gear for Trans-Seasonal Weather
The Merla team is here to help motorcyclists around the world gear up for trans-seasonal weather wear with must-have season-less pieces
Nine Reasons You’ll Love The Venus Women’s Motorcycle Jeans

We’ve stated that the Venus jeans are “the best motorcycle jeans Australia has to offer”, and now we’re going to prove it to you with some hard facts. Here is a list of just some of the reasons we think you’ll love Venus.

Sustainable Motorcycle Gear Australia | Merla Moto
It’s no secret that many brands have been taking the initiative in improving sustainable practices and procedures. It’s nothing new.
Biker Boss | Fabienne Phillips of Girl

Fabienne loves the empowerment, freedom, individualism and adrenalin that she finds through riding. Above all else, she loves that unique sensation of being completely enthralled in the moment when riding a motorcycle.

Motorcycle Leather Jacket Care | How to Care for Moto Gear
Motorcycle jacket care will keep your leather looking better for longer. All leather, including nubuck, should be sprayed with a leather protector before being worn to better equip the jacket with resistance to weather conditions.
Behind the Lens with Lucia Braham

Lucia’s edgy photography style perfectly captured the mood we needed to convey with the photography of our two new bold jackets, the Isla and Fly By Night.

The Weekend Edit with The Byron

Staying snug in the full fleece lining with a soft Nubuck exterior, the Byron’s effortless style warrants no compromise on quality or practicality. Once out of the surf, you’ll be dressed for the day in no time by throwing on a pair of your favourite jeans and sneakers to go with your Byron.

4 Ways to Wear the Dakota
A motorcycle jacket is an investment. An important investment in your safety but it doesn’t have to mean a trade off in style. We styled the Dakota four ways to create looks that go from sun up to sun down...
Thread Share with the Ducati Girl, Jesse Appleby
In our first ever episode we had the kick-ass babe and accomplished rider, The Ducati Girl Jesse Appleby take us through women’s jackets
How a Yankee came to call Northside Motorcycles home

Growing up in a small town in Alabama, Bill was on his first bike at age 10, a “puke green” 1977 Honda Express. At the time, everyone lusted after the latest BMX and motocross was everything, but I was glued to Dirt Rider Magazine.

Escapism: A Two Wheel Antidote
The rebellion and the ecstasy of the temporary release from purgatory you feel as you squeeze in the clutch and twist the throttle feels like an antidote to life right now.