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Changing Seasons. Motorcycle Riding Gear for those awkward months

Merla Moto Changing Seasons Motorcycle Gear

Discover the motorcycle riding gear that will get you through the changing seasons - rain, hail or shine.

Are you a motorcyclist battling with unpredictable weather on the roads? Whilst the change of seasons is an exciting time, it poses many challenges for the riding community. It’s likely time for many of us to invest in motorcycle wet weather gear. Riders in the Southern Hemisphere are gearing up for cool and wet weather riding, whilst the Northern Hemisphere riding community are looking forward to dry roads and fewer layers for rides in the sunshine. Wherever you are in the world, March is the time to transition into the new season with timeless essentials. Here in the Southern Hemisphere, we’re opting for motorcycle riding gear that is water-resistant for those unpredictable showers yet is lightweight enough for moments when the sun comes out strong and throws us right back into summer.


The Merla team is here to help motorcyclists around the world gear up for changing seasons with must-have pieces.

This article will cover the importance of mid-season motorcycle riding gear, selecting the right gear to see you through the season, layering and selecting denim, and the essentials you need to ensure you adapt to all weather conditions seamlessly.

Merla Moto Motorcycle gear for changing seasons

​Quality Over Quantity

Riders are lucky with motorcycle riding gear in that it is, by its very nature, durable clothing.

Motorcycle apparel designers and manufacturers are responsible for ensuring the gear remains in one piece if you happen to come off the bike. Therefore, most motorcycle gear has features that cause it to have a long lifespan, such as double stitching on stress areas and quality materials.

Despite the shared responsibility of motorcycle riding gear manufacturers of keeping our community safe, some motorcycle brands provide better gear than others.


Our recommendation is to invest in quality pieces that are versatile enough to be styled differently throughout the year.

Investing in quality ensures that style-conscious riders always have a unique look without needing to buy new gear to keep up with emerging trends.

Turning your focus away from ‘fashion’ and ‘trends’ and instead of seeking motorcycle riding gear that doesn’t belong to a particular year or decade will ensure you maintain a classic, timeless style that will be the envy of your friends. Merla motorcycle jackets are crafted with a quality that speaks for itself and simplicity that stands the test of time. Invest now and to kick start your contemporary-timeless riding wardrobe.

Changing seasons with Merla Moto Motorbike jackets

Khaki Is The New Black

Khaki has risen in popularity for motorcyclists because it offers a subtle yet notable hint of colour. Khaki blends seamlessly as in motorcycle riding gear because it complements what is mostly a muted palette of black and grey. In fashion, we see khaki re-invented through countless seasons as it remains a classic, neutral colour across different styles. At Merla, we’ve taken this difference one step further. Although khaki is an enduring tone for both men and women, we have also created motorcycle riding gear in tarnished bronze, smoky olive green, caramel and military-inspired green colour tones to keep the riding rotation subtle yet fresh. Providing riders with motorcycle wet weather gear alternatives to black helps riders stand out from the crowd while maintaining the ability to pair riding gear with almost anything existing within their wardrobe. Now that’s thoughtful design.



Lighten The Layers for the changing seasons

We’ve established that everywhere globally (well, almost everywhere) is experiencing unpredictable mid-seasonal weather throughout March. If you’ve been caught out on a ride on a day where it’s sunshine one hour, then cold and windy the next, we have the motorcycle wet weather gear for you! Our best tip to handle those half summer half winter days is to embrace lighter layers that you can easily take off after the ride. Go for heavier layers on the bottom with riding boots and pants, then pair it back with a lighter motorcycle tank or t-shirt. Complete the look with one of our lightweight motorcycle jackets. Our British Trench and Mondello jackets provide the moto-community with textile motorcycle riding gear that is versatile, windproof and waterproof. Both of these jackets are deliberately muted in their styles and designed to pair with everything because riders never know when these will come in handy!

In addition to a windproof and waterproof outer layer softshell, both the British Trench and Mondello feature an abrasion-resistant inner protective liner material of DuPont™ and Kevlar® fibres. If riders get caught in a downpour, they can feel confident that they remain safe and dry on wet roads throughout the season. Layer up the motorcycle wet weather gear with our long-sleeved t-shirts, or keep it light with our singlets or tanks.


Denim is the perfect material for tackling changing seasons

Denim jackets remain one of the most enduring types of clothing. Denim jackets are worn as a lightweight layer across all seasons. Classic denim jackets provide riders with a breathable yet versatile option to transition between cooler mornings and warmer afternoon weather.

The Moscow features a removable collar, which means that it can double as a plain black denim jacket or a dressier jacket with the luxurious collar attached. The armour is removable, which renders the Moscow a triple-purpose jacket. This lightweight denim jackets can be paired back with bright gloves to help riders distinguish their style from the masses.

Don’t Skimp on the Essentials

Now that we’ve established a plethora of motorcycle riding gear available to help you maintain your individuality whilst preparing for unpredictable weather, let’s talk about some riding essentials that riders simply can’t overlook.




Black Fitted Jeans 

We’ve seen no other denim in the past decade that remains iconic and enduring as black fitted jeans. Black fitted jeans have survived as a wardrobe essential for so many years because they are remarkably versatile and they look perfect when they fit correctly. Black fitted jeans are vital in crafting a durable, timeless wardrobe to maximise your purchase’s cost per wear.

Crisp White T-Shirt 

A wise person once said that nothing feels as good as the first time wearing a crisp white t-shirt. Keep your style simple with our black and white long-sleeved t-shirts that provide that extra breathable layer of warmth for riders when they’re on the road.

Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Our vintage-inspired Cafe Quilted Gloves are designed to age with wear and soften to the contours of the rider’s hand. The soft leather and quilted panels give these gloves a classic look. However, don’t be fooled by the vintage-inspired design of these gloves. They also have contemporary features such as mobile-touch patches on the thumbs, so if it’s chilly on your ride, you don’t have to remove the gloves to use your mobile phone.

Our Top Tips for Riding through the changing seasons

Now that we’ve taken our riders through our top tips for unpredictable, mid-season weather, you might be wondering where you can buy the timeless motorcycle gear that will see you through all seasons.




Check out our stockist’s page to find motorcycle gear near you. Please note that not all stores on our stockist page stock all our products, so we recommend calling in advance to check that they are available. Additionally, we are happy to send any product to a store near you to try on without obligation.

See you out on the roads, regardless of the weather condition!


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