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What is the best armour for motorcycle riding? What kind of armour do we use?

We use the best motorcycle armour available on the market that is Level 1 Certified, created by RHEON™ labs. We use lightweight removable CE approved armour in all our products. Currently we are transitioning to use the latest technology in armour, Rheon™️ Labs, in all new products going forward.

What is Rheon Armour?

RHEON™ reacts to movement, enabling the technology to dynamically stiffens when exposed to force so that it is not transferred to the rider. RHEON™ has advanced impact absorption when compared to other materials, removing the energy from the shock. It’s so good at dissipating force that the armour exceeds CE Certification requirements. When support is not required, RHEON™ is a low profile, lightweight, malleable armour that allows for easy movement on the bike. The RHEON™ motorcycle protective gear delivers superior comfort and game-changing safety without compromising on ever-important freedom of movement.

What is the best summer motorcycle jacket for riding?

The best summer motorcycle jacket for spring / summer weather riding would have to be The Sahara jacket for men, and the Savanna jacket for women. These two summer motorcycle jackets are currently the most lightweight styles in our range, with 4 x air vents, breathable mesh inner liner and made of lightweight cotton. The Daytona Motorcycle Shirt and Brooklyn Motorcycle Shirt are even more lightweight, made from a single layer Aramid denim. Whilst these are the most lightweight items in our range, they do not come with armour and are not referred to as a motorcycle jacket.

What is the best winter motorcycle jacket for riding?

The Byron and Dakota jackets are the best winter motorcycle jackets for men and women across our range. The fleece inner liner provides a cozy extra layer to help keep out the cold and the fleece collar acts as a mini neck warmer when riding. the warm nubuck outer layer is as smooth as suede but still maintains the same protective thickness as standard leather for motorcycle riding.

What kind of leather do you use? What is the most premium leather for motorcycle riding?

We use the most premium leather for motorcycle riding which is natural milled cowhide leather. Our cowhide leather is a minimum of 1.1-1.3mm thickness to provide good abrasion resistance. An ideal thickness of cowhide leatherfor motorcycle riding is between 1.1-1.5mm, is durable and easy to look after. Quality leather is soft, thick and has strong abrasion resistance, which makes it a perfect choice for motorcycle apparel.

All our leather jackets are constructed of 1.1-1.3mm top grain cowhide, such as the Isla Jacket as pictured (left). Our Dakota and Byron Jackets are carefully crafted with Nubuck, also cowhide leather that is buffed to give the look and feel of suede. It is stronger than suede but still resembles that smooth, velvety quality.

What is Aramid? What items are made out of Aramid?

Aramid is a heat resistant and very strong synthetic fibre used for abrasion resistance in fabrics and textiles.

Aramid fibres do not melt or ignite in a normal level of oxygen, their melting point could go up to >500 °C. Aramid fibres have a very high chemical resistance, and offer better resistance against risks because the fibres are 100% synthetic.

These Aramid fibres also have a very low molecular weight. Our lightweight motorcycle range for men and women including the Daytona and Brooklyn Shirts, as well as our motorcycle jeans. These products are perfect for summer riding as aramid fibres are very light and still offer a high level of protection and abrasion resistance.

Is Aramid or Kevlar more protective?

DuPont™ Kevlar® and Aramid are technically the same thing and therefore offer the same level of protection, as DuPont™ is simply a brand name of aramid fibre technology. However, due to it being the first para-aramid developed, its name is synonymous with the term aramid. Kevlar® is a registered brand name, used for products manufactured by the  DuPont™  company, but it is still referring to aramid fibre. DuPont uses aramid fibres to produce body armour and bulletproof vests, but when it’s used elsewhere, you’ll see it referred to by its generic name, aramid fibre.

Is nubuck leather water resistant?

As nubuck is a variation of premium cowhide leather, it is slightly water resistant. However we recommend applying a waterproofing spray for further waterproofing and to avoid water marks staining. We offer a waterproof spray that we've tried and tested ourselves across the Merla nubuck range!

Is Merla Moto gear EU Certified?

Currently we have 2 womens motorcycle jackets EU certified with a AAA rating. This AAA rating is CE "AAA" Approved Protective Garment to EN 17092:2020. We received this rating in early May 2022.

The Isla Winter Motorcycle Jacket and the Fly By Night Motorcycle Jacket is EU Certified with a AAA Rating, the highest level of rating within the Motorcyclists' Personal Protective Equipment category and a Category II PPE product. 

We will gradually certify more products to sell into Europe and UK

What happens if my size is out of stock?

Send us an enquiry via our contact form with the product name and your size, and we will get back to you on the status of that particular item and if being re stocked.

What happens if i order the wrong size?

We offer exchange and refund on all products (excluding custom made orders). Sale items can exchange or receive a credit.

How do i process a return or exchange?

Email us at for details to return, or checkout our Returns Portal here

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Delivery varies according to your location. We have warehouses in Sydney, US and UK to get your order to you as fast as possible.

Where do i go to find my local store?

Please check our store locator page for the closest store.

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