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Merla Garment Care Guide - MERLA MOTO

Your Merla Moto gear is built to last the distance. To make sure it retains its condition as long as possible, here's our garment care guide.

To ensure your gear keeps you safe and looks good for years to come we’ve put together a few guidelines to help maintain the Merla Moto quality.


  • All leather, including nubuck, should be sprayed with a specialist garmet care leather protector before being worn to better equip the jacket with resistance to weather conditions.

  • Applying motorcycle jacket waterproofing spray to leather jackets will protect the leather from unnecessary rain damage as well as absorption of dirt. For best results, spray the motorcycle jacket waterproofing spray twice before wearing, leaving a day between.
  • Clean by hand with water to remove dirt as instructed when appropriate or use garment care instructions provided.
  • Try to keep your jacket dry.  Avoid wearing your leather in heavy rain. If it does get wet, hang to dry somewhere with good ventilation and out of direct sunlight. Don’t use a heat source like a hair dryer or a heater to speed up the drying process, just let dry naturally over a few days.
  • Hang your jacket on a wide padded hanger. Never store folded as this can encourage creases and cracks.
  • Keep your jacket away from heat as that will dry your leather out and it could become brittle and crack.
  • Treat your leather like a second skin. Just like yours, it also needs a little moisture so if you notice your gear looking a little dry give it a going over with a good quality leather conditioner using a soft cloth.
  • Sun and rain can cause your jacket to lose some of its colour. If you find your jacket looking a little faded you can go over it with some leather polish and a buff to restore its lustre.
  • If your leather is looking dirty after a big trip or is covered in bugs you can clean with a damp cloth.  We also recommend taking your gear to a specialist leather dry cleaner for more thorough cleaning. 



  • Garment care for Nubuck Leather is a bit different.
  • Prior to wear, we recommend to spray with a leather protector to better equip the jacket with resistance to weather conditions and absorption of dirt. 

  • The Nubuck and Velours Classic Waterproofing Spray available online prevents water and dirt from penetrating into the nubuck leather. It offers an additional layer of protection from staining whilst maintaining the plush and velvety texture of nubuck.
  • In terms of maintaining it’s impeccable condition, a good quality brush can be also used with a cleaner to remove marks and spots from your motorcycle jacket.
  • Clean by hand with water to remove dirt as instructed when appropriate or use care instructions on garment.
  • For more detailed information, please see our blogs on Nubuck product information and care.



  • Almost all of the range of textile jackets have both a water repellant outer layer as well as a waterproof liner.

  • The Reissa® liner is a breathable waterproof membrane under the outer layer of the jacket.
  • The outer layer of most of our textile jackets will have a protective water repellent coating applied to the fabric and will last up to 15 exposures to water either via rain or washing.   We recommend re applying periodically with a suitable water repellant spray.
  • We recommend to hand-wash or gentle machine wash our textile jackets with cold/warm water, and hang to dry. Do not tumble dry.
  • Our denim products do not have water repellent coatings and we recommend following normal washing instructions for these garments.

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