The Merla Moto Story

The Merla Story - MERLA MOTO

The Merla Moto Story 

The Australian motorcycle apparel brand born in Sydney, was a direct response to the lack of gear for riders that offered the delicate balance of high-performance and aesthetic cool.” – Boss Hunting Official


Over the past 9 years, our attitude towards the motorcycle industry has paved the way for our journey.  We tailored our style with the way women and men ride - crafting motorcycle gear built for riding as well as for everyday lifestyle wear.

We strive to provide two-wheeled enthusiasts the freedom of flexibility they deserve - something protective to wear on the bike that easily transitions to streetwear off the bike too.  Dual purpose products in a world where less is becoming increasingly more.

Our transformation from Blackbird Motorcycle Wear into Merla Moto brings a bold new direction. An understated yet classic aesthetic infused with modern innovation. 

This new chapter brings our customers the style and edge they desire, with notable advancements in quality. Merla riders champion individuality and boldness with no compromise on safety. 

We are Merla Moto. We’re progressive with understated confidence.  Mirrored in our approach to designing quality motorcycle gear, Merla is exclusively sold only through hand-selected stores. Our style is timeless, yet progressive. The range is ingrained with the delicate balance of high-end aesthetic and essential protection. Merla maintains a strong focus on less is more. Finer materials, less complication. More technology, refined detailing.

Wild in belief, tenacious in action. Our timeless yet progressive vision elevates Merla Moto above our competition. Subtle is the new strong. We are confident. We are bold. We are genuine. 

We. Are. Merla.

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