Nine Reasons You’ll Love The Venus Women’s Motorcycle Jeans

Nine Reasons You’ll Love The Venus Women’s Motorcycle Jeans - MERLA MOTO

Attention, female riders!

Have you spent the better part of your biker days on the hunt for women’s motorcycle jeans that will protect you on the bike, and look great?

Look no further; Venus has landed.

We’ve heard from many of our customers and the wider motorcycling community over the years about their struggles to find the right women’s motorcycle jeans that suit them and their ride. After the success of our last drop of motorcycle jeans, we decided to raise the bar. Enter, Venus.
The Venus Women’s Motorcycle Jeans are the latest addition to the Merla Moto range. They are true to the Merla ethos, exhibiting a sophisticated blend of style, versatility, safety and, of course, comfort while riding.
Although we’re biased, we believe they’re the best motorcycle jeans Australia has to offer. And for a good reason. In this article, we’ll explore the nine reasons we believe you’ll love the Venus Women’s Motorcycle Jeans.

Nine Reasons You’ll Love the Venus Motorcycle Jeans

We’ve stated that the Venus jeans are “the best motorcycle jeans Australia has to offer”, and now we’re going to prove it to you with some hard facts. Here is a list of just some of the reasons we think you’ll love Venus.
  1. Innovative aramid denim fabric
  2. Single-layer, lightweight motorcycle jeans
  3. European AA rated fabric
  4. Removable armour pockets
  5. Practical design details
  6. Three designs to choose from
  7. Dual purpose
  8. Stretch denim for comfort
  9. They look damn’ good
So what does this mean for women who ride? In the next section of the article, we’ll take a closer look at the nine features of the Venus Women’s Motorcycle Jeans that will directly benefit your ride.

What Sets Venus Apart from Standard Women’s Motorcycle Jeans?

Innovative Aramid Denim Fabric
You’ve heard of kevlar motorcycle jeans, but have you heard of aramid motorcycle jeans? aramid denim is an innovative fibre, slowly becoming more prevalent in motorcycle gear. So what exactly is aramid denim?
The name ‘aramid’ comes from a blend of the words, aromatic polyamide. Aramid fabric is a robust and durable class of synthetic fibres. Aramid is a high-performance material that is heat-resistant and has high levels of mechanical resistance.
Let’s get a little more technical here. BISFA defines aramid as a “fibre composed of linear macromolecules made up of aromatic groups joined by amide or imide linkages”. At their core, aramid fibres consist of two composites: meta-aramid (m-aramid) and para-aramid (p-aramid). P-Aramid is five times stronger than steel. Apart from being extremely strong, tests have proven that they lost little strength when tested against repeated abrasion.
Traditionally, aramid fibres were used in the aerospace and military industries for armour and high-protective gear in foreign environments. Aramid fibres offer ballistic-rated body armour in these industries to protect the wearer.
Sound intense? That’s because it is. But don’t be scared away.
Our motorcycle jeans are a 15.5oz stretch denim, with the protective fibres woven throughout the fabric. In essence, it won’t feel like you’re wearing a stiff spacesuit or body armour when you wear the Venus Motorcycle Jeans. The beauty of the Venus jeans is that they feel just like regular rigid jeans, only that they are highly abrasion and heat resistant. Venus has the power to save you from gravel rash and other road-related injuries in the event of a slide.
We’ve incorporated aramid fibres into our range because we believe we have a responsibility to gear our riders with the best protection. We only settle for the best.
Photo of a woman on a motorbike in Sydney wearing the Womens Venus Motorcycle Jeans, waxed black by Blackbird Motorcycle Wear   Photo of a woman next to a motorbike in Sydney wearing the Womens Venus Motorcycle Jeans, waxed black by Blackbird Motorcycle Wear
Single Layer, Lightweight Motorcycle Jeans
Yes, you heard correctly. The Venus Motorcycle Jeans are a single layer stretch motorcycle jeans that are lightweight enough for riders to wear year-round. Forget restrictive Kevlar patches and say goodbye to double-layer women’s motorcycle jeans that don’t breathe. Stronger-than-steel aramid fibres allow for these singular layer jeans to offer better abrasion resistance with fewer layers. The Venus Women’s Motorcycle Jeans provide superior protection when riding, with the bonus of being comfortable.

European AA Rated Fabric 

The aramid denim fabric used to construct the Venus jeans is a European AA rated fabric. When motorcycle gear is European AA rated, this signals to riders that it is a safe and superior quality product. A European AA rating is the second-highest level of protection achieved in motorcycle fabrics, indicating that the wearer is protected against a wide range of risks that motorcycle riding can present. Feel confident in your (or your loved ones’) security when riding with the Venus Women’s Motorcycle Jeans.
Removable Armour
The Venus Women’s Motorcycle Jeans feature removable CE approved armour in the hips and knees. The armour features removable inserts, so riders can remove the armour if they feel restrictive, uncomfortable, or never ride with armour. However, we always recommend that riders choose to keep the armour in their inserts to enhance their safety on the bike.
Practical Design Details
The Venus Women’s Motorcycle Jeans are made for women who ride, by women who ride. The fact that riders make the jeans means that they have thoughtful and practical features to benefit the rider.
The first design detail is that unlike most regular fashion jeans, the Venus Jeans do not have a button closure. Instead, these motorcycle jeans feature a hook and eye fastening with a hidden zipper. Therefore, the fastening at the top of the jeans won’t even come close to scratching that beautiful tank of yours.
Another design feature of these motorcycle jeans is the subtle high-visibility details hidden in the back pocket and the ankle seam. We all know that visibility when riding is an issue—one which is exacerbated during dusk or evening riding. The high-vis patch in the back pocket jeans sits within the pocket and can be turned out during dusk or night-time riding to function as a visibility patch. Similarly, a high-vis strip sewn into the inside of the motorcycle jeans’ ankle unfolds to reveal two high-vis stripes throughout darker rides.
Three Designs to Choose From
Not only have Merla Moto designed the best motorcycle jeans Australia has to offer, but we’ve also brought them out in three colourways. The original Venus Women’s Motorcycle Jean design is a waxed-cotton look jean in black. The waxed cotton is stylish and can be dressed-up or dressed-down, depending on the occasion. We’d even wear them in the office as a casual alternative to traditional black pants.
However, we’ll soon be releasing motorcycle jeans in a non-waxed, regular black denim for those who have a slightly more casual style. Additionally, we’ll be releasing a waxed sand coloured version for those looking to change up their style.
Photo of a woman next to a motorbike in Sydney wearing the Womens Venus Motorcycle Jeans, waxed black by Blackbird Motorcycle Wear     Photo of a woman next to a motorbike in Sydney wearing the Womens Venus Motorcycle Jeans, waxed black by Blackbird Motorcycle Wear


Dual Purpose

True to our brand ethos, the Venus Jeans are dual-purpose. Not only are they functional motorcycle jeans with an intelligent and advanced design, but they can also double as everyday jeans. These women’s motorcycle jeans seamlessly transition from the bike to the office, to Friday knockoff drinks.

The jeans have two versatile black options and one coloured sand option. These colours are purposefully selected for their neutrality. They can pair easily with almost any existing colour in your wardrobe. Additionally, each style can be dressed-up or dressed-down to suit multiple occasions. The only problem you may not have is not whether you need the Venus Motorcycle Jeans, but which colour you need next.

 Stretch Denim

Have you swapped out long, romantic walks along the beach with long, romantic rides with just you and your bike? Yeh, we get it.

For many of us, riding a motorcycle evokes a sense of freedom – nothing but you, your bike and a long stretch of road. At Merla Moto, we believe that motorcycle gear should complement this feeling of freedom, not restrict it with unnecessarily heavy and thick layers of gear.

That’s why we designed the Venus WoWomen’sotorcycle Jeans with a stretch denim fabric that is non-restrictive and allows easy movement on the bike. The Venus Motorcycle Jeans won’t dig in as you lean over the tank, and they provide enough coverage for your lower back, especially when paired with one of our motorcycle jackets ;).

The stretch denim also allows the rider to feel comfortable and confident walking around off the bike, without stiff, restrictive patches and layers that don’t breathe.

 They Look Damn’ Good 

Lastly, but probably most importantly, the Venus Jeans look smokin’ hot. The jeans are tailored to a flattering skinny cut. Add a whole new level of confidence to your ride with the Venus motorcycle jeans. Look good, ride safe.


Get Your Butt Into The Venus Women’s Motorcycle Jeans

Ready to ride to your next destination in style?

The Merla Moto team has several years of experience in motorcycle gear craftsmanship and have designed these jeans based on previous lines’ success. Our Venus Women’s Motorcycle Jeans have already soared to popularity among our customers – there’s just nothing quite like them in the market! Check them out here or visit our showroom to try them on for yourself!


Photo of a woman next to a motorbike in Sydney wearing the Womens Venus Motorcycle Jeans, waxed black by Blackbird Motorcycle Wear   Photo of a woman next to a motorbike in Sydney wearing the Womens Venus Motorcycle Jeans, waxed black by Blackbird Motorcycle Wear
Venus Womens Motorcycle Jeans


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