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Sustainable Motorcycle Gear Australia

Ethical, sustainable practices and thoughtfully designed pieces are the philosophy behind the success of Merla Moto.

We know what you are thinking – here is another brand attempting to greenwash, proclaiming they are Australia’s most sustainable retailer. That is not what we are here to do. It’s no secret that many brands have been taking the initiative in improving sustainable practices and procedures. It’s nothing new. However, last year accelerated a shift in our customer’s values, moving from mindless consumption of fast fashion to conscious consumerism.


As a leading designer of motorcycle gear Australia, the Merla Moto team is conscious of selecting manufacturers that follow sustainable, ethical practices. We develop our products with a strong sense of purpose in mind. Our garments are dual-purpose by nature, doubling as both protective motorcycle gear and stylish everyday wear. Ethical, sustainable practices and thoughtfully designed pieces are the philosophy behind the success of Merla Moto.

Whether you’re looking for a leather motorcycle jacket, a denim motorcycle jacket, or anything in between, Merla Moto is committed to providing our customers with a great selection of high-quality motorcycle gear whilst upholding our sustainable and ethical values.

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Our Materials 

Sustainable Motorcycle Gear Australia

Sustainable practices are a part of our brand ethos, from the materials we choose, the versatility of our garments, and our motorcycle gear’s longevity.

Leather Motorcycle Gear


Our leather motorcycle jackets are top-grain, natural milled cowhide with a thickness of 1.1 – 1.3mm. Cowhide leather is renowned for its toughness and durability among riders and resistance to dirt and water when riders face regular exposure to the elements.

Our leather is a premium quality leather, durable and resistant to wear. We’re not here to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. On the one hand, we are conscious hat the leather manufacturing process puts some stress on the environment. On the other hand, leather is the best form of rider protection. It would be irresponsible for a motorcycle gear supplier to exclude leather from our range entirely.

You can see our dilemma.

So, how can we offset this problem? When we make a leather garment, we make it to last. When constructed with care and thought, leathergoods can last decades. The naturally milled top grain cowhide in our leathergoods has a thickness of 1.1 – 1.3mm, which strikes the perfect balance between protection and comfort, without restricting movement on the bike.

By providing the best rider protection jackets that have a longer life cycle, Merla Moto aims to offset problematic leather by reducing the level of waste and associated with manufacturing.


Blackbird Motorcycle Wear Fly By Night Women's Jacket in Black Leather, back-side     Blackbird Motorcycle Wear Women’s Festival Fringe Jacket, Black Nubuck, Front   Blackbird Motorcycle Wear Men's Wakefield Jacket in Chocolate Leather, front detail   Blackbird Motorcycle Wear Isla womens leather motorcycle jacket, side

Textile Motorcycle Jackets

100% Vegan Motorcycle Jackets


Not into leather? We get it. Our textile motorcycle jackets are 100% vegan. Cotton drill is a naturally breathable material and is a thicker, heavy-weight, sturdy cotton. We use thick cotton for our textile motorcycle jackets to maximise abrasion resistance for our riders if they ever go for a slide.

Our textile jackets have DuPont™ Kevlar® fibres that provide critical abrasion resistance. They are double or triple stitched on stress areas to maximise tear resistance.

Additionally, many of our textile jackets possess a functional Reissa® fabric which provides a breathable membrane. This advanced material offers a thin waterproof coating whilst maintaining breathability in our textile motorcycle jackets.

If you’re a motorcyclist looking for an alternative to leather, we have a substantial textile motorcycle jacket range available for both men and women. The range includes denim motorcycle jacket options, as well as waxed-look styles. The textile jackets help you keep safe on the bike, and help the planet, too!


Blackbird Motorcycle Wear Men’s Sahara Jacket, Khaki, Front   Blackbird Motorcycle Wear Women’s Catalina Jacket, Olive Green, Front     Blackbird Motorcycle Wear Savanna Jacket, Khaki, Front   Blackbird Motorcycle Wear Men’s Winton Jacket, Black Cotton, Front

Product Care

Let’s talk about product care. In one of our recent articles, How to Care for Moto Gear, we stated that buying motorcycle gear can be a lifelong investment if the owner protects and preserves the materials. And we stand by that.

To help our customers maximise our products’ lifespan, whether it be a leather motorcycle jacket or a textile motorcycle jacket, we have incorporated a product care range. If you buy some of the best motorcycle gear Australia has to offer, you want to be sure you keep it looking great long-term. Riders can achieve this by caring for the motorcycle gear to maintain the fabric integrity and ride safer for longer.


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Australian Wool


Did you know that Australia is the most scientifically advanced wool growing country in the world? Australian farmers started producing superior Superfine Merino wool for their sheep’s welfare, alongside sustainable environmental practices are crucial for their ongoing success.

At Merla Moto, we support and source directly from Australian farmers who produce the softest and finest merino wool available worldwide. Australian merino wool offers incredible warmth whilst maintaining breathability and has an unbelievably soft next-to-skin experience.


Sourcing Locally

We never take for granted the fact that we are one of the leading suppliers of motorcycle gear Australia. Wherever possible, Merla Moto aims to source our materials locally. From the merino wool we source directly from Australian growers to motorcycle t-shirts that are locally sourced, manufactured and printed, we seek opportunities close to home before outsourcing.


Quality Matters

At Merla Moto, our priority is keeping our customers safe on the road. Ethically, as a brand that stock motorcycle gear, we ensure that our products are thoughtfully designed, incredibly durable, resistant to wear and tolerant of the external environment. Our products undergo stringent testing so that when they hit the street, they provide an excellent standard of protection.


Where to Find Sustainable Motorcycle Gear Australia

At Merla Moto, we believe that less is more. This ethos is evident in the pared-back, sophisticated design of our motorcycle gear. The quality speaks for itself. For the most sustainable, ethical motorcycle jackets Australia has to offer, Merla Moto is a leading motorcycle gear provider.

Find a stockist near you to get kitted out in sustainable motorcycle gear riders can trust to deliver premium, durable motorcycle jackets.

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