Meet our Retailers: Baxter Cycle Omaha in Nebraska

Meet our Retailers: Baxter Cycle Omaha in Nebraska

Omaha in Nebraska is one of the biggest cities in the Midwest of the United States, known for its beautiful surrounding landscapes, agriculture and historic buildings. Merla Moto is proud to have a presence in this fast growing city at one of their biggest motorcycle dealerships, Baxter Cycle Omaha. We chatted with owners Vincent and Jeremy and learnt how they met in London and came to open a motorcycle dealership called Baxter Cycle Omaha, Nebraska.


Tell us about Baxter Cycle Omaha in Nebraska!

Baxter Cycle Omaha is based in the city of Omaha, Nebraska. Jeremy and I (Vincent) met at a Triumph Motorcycle’s Global Dealer Conference and instantly grew a friendship. Over the next 2 years we kept in touch and began to formulate a plan. After a lot of late nights (and some bourbon), Baxter Cycle Omaha and The Rooster & Raven were born. Now together we've created a premium, authentic, and cool shop to serve the motorcycle community. We have been in business for 3 years. We plan to keep killing it and provide a cool motorcycle / lifestyle shop for the local Omaha community. We sell Triumph and Royal Enfield motorcycles but I love all types of bikes, and have the luxury of switching it up whenever I can. 

What is the riding season like in Omaha, Nebraska?

Our riding season can be anywhere from 6 to 8 months. Off season is during winter from November through to February, and consists of recovery from the busy bike season. When we're not riding we're relaxing with friends and spending time with family. Our favourite ride in Nebraska is hard to choose - the landscape doesn't provide the best rides unless you like to go slow in a straight line however we like to ride over to eastern Iowa or South Dakota.

Why did you choose Merla Moto to be part of your store?

Merla Moto has a certain classic and timeless style to their designs that fits right in with our brands across both apparel and motorcycles. It's great to have an equally aesthetic range for both men and women too!

What's your favourite part about the motorcycle industry?

Mostly the people, the culture, the global moto community - and of course the bikes! Its these two wheeled works of art that keep the passion alive in all of us.


If you're ever in town, make sure to stop by Baxter Cycle Omaha, meet the guys and check out our range in store as well as their epic range of motorcycles. Keep up to date with their journey via their website and Instagram

Visit Baxter Cycle Omaha 

13704 P St Ste C, Omaha, NE 68137



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