2023 Motorcycle Events: The 1 Moto Show in Portland Oregon

2023 Motorcycle Events: The 1 Moto Show in Portland Oregon

 Custom motorcycles, live entertainment, exhibits and stalls - These are just a few of the best things about the 1 Moto Show in Portland, and why Merla Moto is proud to be part of the 2023 show!


1 moto show 2023 portland

 We are excited to exhibit at the 1 Moto Show 2023 in Portland, Oregon for the second time!

Last year was the first time our Merla Moto team had travelled to Portland and interacted with the local North-West market which was a huge success. On display was our full range of motorcycle jackets, jeans, gloves, T-shirts, accessories and The Racer Within books which was well received by the 1 Moto attendee’s, selling at least two thirds of our stock at the show! We were so humbled by everyone’s incredible feedback on the range, with men and women from all over the country (even those who didn't even ride motorcycles) trying on the gear and purchasing for themselves, partners or friends!
the 1 moto show in portland oregon
Since its first show back in 2009, the One Show has grown to be the largest, most-renowned custom motorcycle show in the world. With over 300+ custom bikes on display inside the historic Zidell Yards Barge Building, the show is a fantastic way to spend the last weekend of April whether you’re motorcycle enthusiast or not! There’s plenty of amazing exhibits selling all kinds of unique gifts and goods at the 1 Moto Show including lifestyle boots, clothing, jewellery, accessories, art, coffee, food and more.
1 moto show portland

As far as entertainment goes at the 1 Moto Show in Portland, there’s live music in the evenings, and professional stunt shows and live demos during the day. So get ready for 3 days of moto madness at Portland’s best motorcycle show from April 28-30th 2023!

Bring your family, friends, riding buddies and more to the 1 Moto Show, and enjoy a friendly discount on us for tickets using code MERLA10!

Can't wait to see you all there!

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