The Best Motorcycle Jackets for Fall 2022 in the United States

Best Motorcycle Jackets for Fall 2022 in the United States America

Best Motorcycle Jackets for Fall


As summer finally comes to an end, the United States begin to add on the layers as they transition into to the Fall season. Pumpkin spice lattes, crisp mornings and cosy wool knits are back on the scene, as well as your trusty motorcycle jacket that got packed away most of summer.

The thing about Fall, is that somedays it's still warm and sunny, and somedays you'll be layering up with sweaters and jackets for those chilly afternoons. If you’re looking for a motorcycle jacket that is perfect for fall whether the day is warm or cold, look no further. Merla Moto is here to take you through the best motorcycle jacket for Fall 2022.

Finding the best motorcycle jackets for Fall 2022 will be the perfect investment for the season as you transition between summer and winter riding.

Fall is a beautiful time of the year, but this period can often bring a lot of uncertainty, especially when it comes to choosing your motorcycle riding attire. 

Although we love feeling carefree and comfortable when riding, it’s vital to wear an armoured or reinforced trans-seasonal motorcycle jacket for fall. Here's a few features the Merla Moto motorcycle jackets for Fall riding include;

  • Removable inner liner (zip out for the warmer riding weather, or keep in for extra insulation on the cooler days)
  • Breathable fabrics such as wool, denim or perforated leather detailing
  • Air vents in front and back with zippers
  • Lightweight Rheon Labs technology Level 1 EU Certified armour
  • Water resistant liners or materials

What are the best motorcycle jackets for fall for female riders?

 Our latest, and most tran-seasonal motorcycle jacket for women of all, is the Darley Jacket. Perfect for fall riding in the United States, the Darley Jacket is crafted from a pure wool outer layer that is both breathable, warm and insulative. Designed with 4 x air vents in the front and back and full Dupont™️ Kevlar liner for superior abrasion resistance, the Darley Jacket is the top pick for fall riding in 2022. Inclusive of pockets for armour, shop the style now.

Womens Best Motorcycle Jackets for Fall


Waxed Cotton Motorcycle Jackets for Fall Riding 2022

If the classic plaid British style of the Darley Jacket isn't your vibe, switch your sights to one of our waxed cotton jackets such as the Avalon or Catalina Jacket. Both are designed from the same waxed cotton outer layer, and include a full DuPont™ Kevlar® fibre inner liner and EU-Certifed armour. Designed in a smokey, olive green colour these two lightweight motorcycle jackets are ideal for the fall riding season in the United States. The Avalon has a shorter hem line with a scooped back detail when riding, and the Catalina is perfect for taller women looking for extra length and coverage. Shop these two timeless styles now.



For the gentlemen, one of our top picks for a tran-seasonal jacket for fall weather would no doubt be the Carrera Jacket.

Boasting similarities to our Catalina Jacket, this waxed cotton jacket for men has 4 x air vents, with complete Dupont™️ Kevlar abrasion resistance and CE-Certified Rheon Labs armour. The jacket that can be worn from the camping trips to the late night rendezvous, the daily work commute or just a casual ride out to meet the boys - this jacket is the go-to style for Fall 2022 motorcycle riding.


Carrera Jacket for fall season riding 2022Fall riding gear 2022 for men


Alternatively, if you're loyal to leather and prefer a more timeless style, our Wakefield Jacket is a long-standing favourite. Designed with premium 1.1mm cowhide leather, perforated detailing for air-flow and lightweight Rheon™️ Labs armour, this classic mens leather jacket is an all year- rounder. 


wakefield mens leather motorcycle jacket

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