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Our best waterproof and weatherproof jackets in Australia

Our best waterproof and weatherproof jackets in Australia

The Best Weatherproof Jackets in Australia

As Australia's east coast regions have been experiencing the wettest year on record, motorcyclists from Melbourne up to Brisbane are in serious need of weatherproof and water resistant motorcycle jackets to get them through the year!
Australia is also heading into the summer season so riders everywhere require a lightweight, weatherproof jacket to stay comfortable and dry throughout the season. If you’re looking for a waterproof or water-resistant motorcycle jacket in Australia, look no further. Merla Moto is here to take you through the best waterproof or water-resistant motorcycle jackets for summer 2022.
waterproof and weatherproof jackets in Australia

Finding the perfect weatherproof or water-resistant motorcycle jacket in Australia will be the best investment for the summer season ahead.

Although we love feeling carefree and comfortable when riding, unfortunately the weather in Australia is extremely unpredictable right now, hence why weatherproof riding gear is of utmost importance. Here's what the Merla Moto weatherproof & water-resistant motorcycle gear for summer riding feature;
  • ReissaⓇ waterproof breathable inner liner
  • Protective inner layer ofDuPont™ Kevlar® fibres
  • Breathable fabrics such as wool, denim or perforated leather detailing
  • Air vents in front and back with zippers
  • Lightweight and Rheon Labs technology Level 1 EU Certified armour
  • Windproof outer layer fabrics such as waxed cotton and leather
  • Water-resistant outer layer fabrics such as waxed cotton and leather.
Our best waterproof motorcycle jacket for women in Australia;
The Savanna waterproof motorcycle jacket is one of our best-selling womens motorcycle jackets for its weatherproof and lightweight textile qualities. The Savanna Jacket has a full Reissa Waterproof liner. 
REISSA®, a functional fabric with a breathable membrane, is an advanced textile with a highly developed polyurethane resin coating or membrane. This technology makes it possible for an extremely thin waterproof coating that is lightweight for wearing comfort, yet, extremely durable to outdoor sports conditions.
Savanna Womens Waterproof motorcycle jacket
Designed with 4 x air vents in the front and back and full Dupont™️ Kevlar liner for superior abrasion resistance, the Savanna Jacket is the top pick for waterproof riding in 2022. Inclusive of pockets for armour, shop the style now.
We also have the British Trench Motorcycle Jacket which has a soft-shell outer layer, which is windproof and water-resistant. This jacket is also inclusive of Dupont™️ Kevlar liner for superior abrasion resistance, and ideal for spring and summer riding weather thanks to its lightweight design!
British Trench Soft shell motorcycle jacket for women
Our best waterproof motorcycle jacket for men in Australia;
Our mens Carrera Waxed Cotton Jacket is one of the best windproof and water repellant motorcycle jackets for men on the market. It also has a REISSA® Waterproof inner liner to protect against rainfall.
Our Carrera motorcycle jacket is designed in a lightweight, waxed cotton fabric which makes it perfect for Australian summer riding. Complete with removable CE-approved armour and a Dupont Kevlar abrasion-resistant liner, it is a sophisticated, functional jacket that can easily transition between motorcycle riding and lifestyle wear. 
Mens Carrera Waxed Cotton Jacket
Check out our water-resistant waxed cotton motorcycle jackets for women.
 Our range of womens waxed cotton motorcycle jackets are all water-resistant with full Dupont Kevlar liners for complete abrasion resistance. These water resistant motorcycle jackets are perfect for riding from Spring through to Autumn, and all come with removable CE-approved armour. Available in dark olive green and dark charcoal brown, our womens waxed cotton jackets are perfectly suited for daily commuting, weekend rides or simply to wear for occasions off the bike as well. Check out the Avalon Motorcycle Jacket and Catalina Motorcycle Jackets both made with the same dark olive green material in 2 different styles.

Catalina womens waxed cotton jacket
For the guys, we have the mens Sahara waterproof motorcycle jacket.
Our Sahara Motorcycle Jacket also is a fantastic waterproof motorcycle jacket, perfect for riding from Spring through to Autumn and inclusive of removable CE-approved armour. Designed with a Reissa waterproof, breathable inner liner with a full protective DuPont Kevlar liner for added protection, this lightweight mens motorcycle jacket was intended for multi-purpose.
The drawcord inside the waist is made for shaping. With air vents and lower zip pockets, this water resistant motorcycle jacket sets a new standard for motorbike gear, regardless of the season.
Our mens and womens waterproof motorcycle jackets are ready for your next ride.
We hope this article helps you discover your best new weatherproof and waterproof jackets for men and women! Remember that having quality, comfortable and functional motorcycle gear is the best way to protect yourself out on the road, especially when the weather is so unpredictable! For any questions on our waterproof and weatherproof motorcycle gear, please send us an email or give us a call!

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