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Merla Moto Leather Boots

Merla Moto's New Range Of High Quality Leather Boots

Where sophistication meets motorcycle wear, the new Montar leather boots collection completes the look for Merla Moto. 


At Merla, we are constantly evolving our range to create a complete offering for our customer base and those who value quality, functionality and style. In a direct response to increasing demands for versatile products, we sought a premium style that aligns with our approach to apparel. Adding a whole new element to Merla Moto, we are proud to introduce our first range of premium, handcrafted leather boots for men and women. 


Our leather boots range are handmade in Portugal by the best in the business who value quality, traditional practices and sustainability. 

We support boutique, authentic manufacturers who value quality and sustainability in their production processes. In early June 2022, the Merla team visited the factory to oversee the entire production process. The management treats the staff as family and has organised the layout with a clear sense of purpose for every process, employee and station throughout the factory floor. 

 leather boots

The craftsmanship is second to none, with each boot taking 4.5 hours to complete. Utilising traditional manual techniques, premium materials and classic design, the boots are resistant to wear and tear and made to last many years as a favourite in your wardrobe.

The strength of a Goodyear Welt construction process improves balance and support for the feet, legs and lower back especially combined with the excellent fit and support of the insoles used in our leather boots.  

The Goodyear Welt process makes these leather boots increasingly comfortable to wear and generates further breathability. This process also allows for changing the leather boots' soles at any time. This happens without affecting the quality or appearance of the shoe to allow for smoother reparation. 

The incredibly comfortable insoles in these boots are developed based on the Podoposturology technique. The technique originated in France and was created to re-educate and realign the body structure through the weight load distribution on the feet - this enables you to be comfortable wearing these boots all day long.

Vibram Italian soles used on the Montar boot collection are renowned for their durability, lasting for years and sometimes decades. They are ideal for outdoor use, flexible, with excellent traction and abrasion resistance while keeping the water out. The design of the soles allows the ball of the foot or the midfoot to strike the ground before the heel, reducing impact and maintaining comfort.

Crafted with natural and sustainably-sourced materials, our leather boot design is suitable for all environments.

 mens and womens leather boots

Natural materials have always been at the forefront of Merla Moto product development, and our Montar Leather Boots are no exception. Crafted with unparalleled quality and lasting durability, we source natural materials and vegetable tanned leather for our leather boots, certified and sourced from the Azores. This leather is a recyclable product and uses half the water consumption required for chromium tanning. The finishes are water-based rather than solvent-based. The solid waste is reusable in the production of cosmetics and fertilisers.

 brown leather boots

Although it takes longer to produce, vegetable tanned leather is more durable, healthier for nature and has superior quality. Only 10% of the leather produced in the world is with this type of tanning due to the slow form and the rare expertise that makes this process the most ecological and sustainable. The leather used for our leather boots contains no heavy metals, processed with plant extracts of acacia and orange blossom to stabilise the fibres. Our leather boots are water resistant, not waterproof, as we use natural materials for higher quality and sustainability, despite the waterproofing that oil we put on our suede and leather. We do not use waterproofed leathers which usually contain chemicals that prevent breathability.


Our Montar Leather Boots cater for those after a classic, timeless boot that elevates every step of their journey.



Montar Leather Boots

We believe that just as people are the sum of their experiences, our attire should reflect our own self-worth, our lifestyle, and personal values. Our daily appearance represents our character and attitudes towards ourselves and the environment around us. Using natural materials and sustainable processes, our leather boots cater for those who value quality, timeless designs and environmental practices that contribute to a sustainable future.



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