Why are leather motorcycle gloves essential for riding?

Why are leather motorcycle gloves essential for riding?

Leather motorcycle gloves are an undeniable essential for motorcyclists, regardless of experience. Whether you’re commuting to work, riding long distance or just cruising down the road to meet the crew, your motorcycle gloves should never be left behind. As experts in the field, we know that leather motorcycle gloves are often considered an essential item for every rider for several important reasons.

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Leather motorcycle gloves offer unparalleled protection for motorcyclists’ hands, and therefore are an absolute necessity for riding.

Motorcycle gloves, especially those made from high-quality leather, offer significant protection to the hands and fingers in the event of a crash or fall. Leather is a durable material that can help minimize abrasions and friction burns during an accident, however you need to be mindful of the type of leather. Lambskin or sheepskin leather is nowhere near as protective as cowhide leather, which is what our range of leather gloves are all made from. Merla Moto is known for using only the highest quality leather across our jackets and gloves for optimal protection and durability. Our leather motorcycle gloves also feature wrist closures that provide extra support and protection to the wrists, reducing the risk of hyperextension during a fall.

Equally as important, leather motorcycle gloves provide abrasion resistance for riders. In the unfortunate event of a slide or fall, leather gloves can significantly reduce the risk of road rash and abrasions on the hands. Quality leather such as cowhide leather, is known for its durability and resistance to tearing, making it a suitable material for motorcycle gloves. 


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Leather motorcycle gloves are essential for riders to maintain grip and control over time.

A secure grip on the motorcycle's handlebars is crucial for maintaining control and manoeuvrability. Leather gloves provide a tactile connection between the rider's hands and the handlebars, enhancing their ability to operate the bike safely and confidently. Leather gloves can also offer insulation and protection against various weather conditions, and therefore offer more control throughout different climates. They can keep the hands warm in colder temperatures and provide a barrier against wind, rain, and debris that can be encountered during rides.

High-quality leather motorcycle gloves, when properly cared for, can have a longer lifespan compared to gloves made from other materials. This means that investing in a good pair of leather gloves can offer lasting value over time.

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Leather motorcycle gloves are an absolute essential as they provide comfort and style to your ride.

Good quality leather gloves such as our Cafe Quilted Gloves are designed with comfort in mind. Our vintage styled Cafe Quilted Gloves feature a quilted leather upper and paired with modern functionality. Designed with ribbed knuckle bands on hand and fingers, pinched-at the wrist cuff and a velcro panel embossed with an eagle, our gloves offer a relaxed fit, able to be worn over or under jacket cuffs. The soft cowhide leather delivers immediate comfort and the fore finger has touch-screen capabilities so you don't have to take your gloves off everytime you're checking the map. Overall gloves contribute to the aesthetic and image of a motorcyclist, and many appreciate the classic style that leather gloves offer which suit cafe racer, custom & modern classic bikes.

It's important to note that while leather gloves offer numerous benefits, no safety gear can guarantee complete protection against all types of accidents. However, wearing the appropriate gear, including leather gloves, can significantly reduce the severity of injuries and improve a rider's overall safety on the road. When choosing motorcycle gloves, it's recommended to opt for gloves that are specifically designed for riding, made from high-quality leather, and have features that align with your riding style and preferences.

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