The Weekend Edit with The Byron

The Weekend Edit with The Byron - MERLA MOTO

The Byron is your partner in crime, always ready for adventure with a classic, signature style. Ever adapting, the Byron easily transitions from urban jungle to country, and even the coastline.

If you’re planning a weekend away, make sure to pack the essentials and most importantly, your Byron. Before you cruise down the highway, sort out your gear to go with 3 unique styles.

The Vibe…

Down on the coast, The Byron’s with you to scout out the early morning swell. Staying snug in the full fleece lining with a soft Nubuck exterior, the Byron’s effortless style warrants no compromise on quality or practicality. Once out of the surf, you’ll be dressed for the day in no time by throwing on a pair of your favourite jeans and sneakers to go with your Byron.


The Ride… 

As every man knows the struggle of finding the jacket that’s ideal for every occasion, the Byron has solved the problem with a stylish, top quality feel and vibe. Transferring that calibre to two wheels with protective inserted armour, your Byron’s ready to accelerate out of the city, along the coastline and away for the weekend.


Check out the full specs of the Byron Jacket here

Fuelled by a thirst for escaping the hectic working week, only life’s simple pleasures are on the agenda as you rev the engine up in the fast lane – a trip away with the mates, checking out a winery or two, discovering a new surf-break and recharging before the big week is exactly what the Byron was made for. 

The Event…

As the evening sky rolls in, the nightlife scene is ready for you and the Byron. Feel good look good as they always say, which exactly sums up your situation right now. Sipping casually on a single malt waiting for your plus one to arrive, you’ve sharpened up within minutes. With a pair of slim fit Chinos and lace up shoes to effortlessly complement your Byron, you’re ready to head out on the town and steal the eyes of many.

The Byron’s timeless and signature style is one to last the journey and intended for the destination- from the city to the sea, the motorbike to the footpath, its the easiest jacket to wear this season, anytime, anywhere.

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