Motorcycle Leather Jacket Care | How to Care for Moto Gear

Motorcycle Leather Jacket Care | How to Care for Moto Gear - MERLA MOTO

Buying motorcycle gear can be a lifelong investment if the owner protects and preserves the materials. Motorcycle jacket care will maximise the lifespan of your investment, keeping you safe on the road for longer.


At Merla Moto, we take pride in the quality of motorbike gear we craft and the materials we choose. 

That’s why we’ve included quality motorcycle jacket care in our range that is designed to protect your moto gear, whether it be textile, leather, or nubuck. 

This blog outlines how to care for your motorcycle jacket and maximise its longevity so you can ride safer, for longer.


Motorcycle Jacket Care: Leather and Nubuck Care


Motorcycle jacket care will keep your leather looking better for longer. All leather, including Nubuck, should be sprayed with a leather protector before being worn to better equip the jacket with resistance to weather conditions.

We also recommend including a quality leather brush in your motorcycle leather jacket care routine. It will protect the material and improve the look of the leather.


Motorcycle Leather Jacket Care: Nubuck and Leather Protector 

The Nubuck and Velours Classic Spray by Collonil will shield against dirt and moisture damage by preventing water and dirt from penetrating the leather.

Importantly, this particular spray doesn’t alter the appearance of nubuck leather styles.

We recommend applying the spray twice before wearing your biker jacket, and leaving the protective spray to dry for at least one day.



Textile Motorcycle Jacket Waterproofing Spray

Although some of Merla Moto's textile jackets are made from the Reissa® breathable membrane, an advanced textile with a waterproof coating, it’s still important to protect these jackets with a spray. 

Applying a textile motorcycle jacket waterproofing spray will protect jackets from unnecessary water damage.

For best results, spray twice before wearing, leaving a day between. Re-apply your textile motorcycle jacket waterproofing spray every 12-15 exposures to water textile motorcycle jackets.

Collonil’s Waterstop Reloaded spray is a highly effective textile motorcycle jacket waterproofing spray for all Blackbird jackets.


Leather Motorcycle Jacket Waterproofing Spray 

Applying motorcycle jacket waterproofing spray to leather jackets will protect the leather from unnecessary rain damage.

For best results, spray the motorcycle jacket waterproofing spray twice before wearing, leaving a day between. Include in your motorcycle jacket care routine a re-application every 12-15 wears for nubuck leather motorcycle jackets and every 12-15 exposures to water for regular leather.

Collonil’s Waterstop Reloaded spray is a reliable and affordable motorcycle jacket waterproofing spray, suitable for both nubuck leather and regular leather motorcycle jackets at Blackbird.

Leather Conditioner

Leather conditioner protects the leather motorcycle jackets from dirt, grease and dust, which all riders, from the inner city commuter to the weekend trail blazer, will have high exposure to.

Collonil’s Soft-Practic Smooth Leather Care is a colour-activating and conditioning cream which protects the surface from stains and over time enriches the colour.

This leather conditioner can be used on all fine smooth leather and synthetics and nourishes the material to achieve a high shine finish.




Good quality brushes can be used with a cleaner to remove marks and spots from your motorcycle jacket.

Be sure to select the type of brush that matches the material you invest in. For example, leather motorcycle jacket brushes have rougher bristles that remove dirt and grime from the creases of leather, whereas nubuck leather biker jacket brushes have softer bristles suitable for a more delicate material.

Collonil’s Application Brush is a specialty brush that is a practical aid for removing and applying products from tins and pots.



Help your motorcycle gear go the distance by investing in good quality materials, protective sprays and brushes, and always ensuring you care for materials adequately when they are exposed to seasonal elements.

If you have any further queries, don’t hesitate to email our team for expert advice.

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