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Merla Foundation Initiatives - MERLA MOTO
Merla Garment Care Guide - MERLA MOTO

Merla Garment Care Guide

Your Merla Moto gear is built to last the distance. To ensure your gear keeps you safe and looks good for years to come we’ve put together a few guidelines to help maintain the Merla Moto quality.

Craftmanship & Sustainability Matters - MERLA MOTO

Craftmanship - Why Creating Sustainable Motorcycle Gear Matters

Because we take pride in the quality of every garment and care about the impact on our planet, we select manufacturers that place high priority on sustainable environmental and ethical practices.

The Merla Story - MERLA MOTO

The Merla Moto Story

The Merla Moto Story  “The Australian motorcycle apparel brand born in Sydney, was a direct response to the lack of gear for riders that offered the delicate balance of high-performance and aesth...